7 insanely better ways to improve landing page SEO

Written by tveshaj
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We all know that creating a landing page that ranks and converts highly is no joke at all. In simple words, a landing page is the first page that online visitors arrive on. It might be a home page, blog post or any other type of webpage, but the usual motto of a landing page is to typically promote a product, or the brand itself. All the facts visited it is very important for the landing page to be inspirational for the site visitors to convert into customers. And not just any customers but the right kind of customers. Without any visitors to land on your landing page, it serves absolutely no purpose. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to attract organic for major search engines so that you can capitalize on more than one trillion searches.

But before getting to know the essential points which will help you get ranked in top ranking search engine like google let us know what is search engine optimization along with SEO landing pages.

First, what is Search Engine Optimization and SEO Landing Pages?

Search engine optimization refers to the process of editing an online web page’s elements to make it more susceptible to search results when someone types a relevant query.

SEO landing pages, on the other hand, are those optimized for search engines like Google, MSN and others. The landing pages have various features that make it appealing to the algorithms which decide whether a page is valuable to different searches.

Today as many marketing campaigns are relatively short, people assume it is not necessary to optimize landing pages. They are partially right but there is one big thing wrong with that whole thought. If you are running a finite promotion for a few days or weeks, the number of visits generated by optimizing the page for search will be minimal. However, in case of promotions taking place for a few days or weeks every year, you could be missing some serious search traffic which will determine how valuable your page is to searchers. Of course, along with SEO, you will also need good quality content, since all search engines place a high value on quality content to keep yourself high ranked in terms of searches.

7 latest SEO experiments to boost your website traffic

  1. Voice Search Transcends Over Normal Search.
  2. It is Time For Technical SEO.
  3. Influencer Marketing.
  4. Mobile Apps For Leveraging SEO.
  5. Optimisation of Image.
  6. High CTR with Good Headline.
  7. Give Rest to Copyright Content

Keywords shall be chosen carefully and placed consistently

High ranking keywords are the basis for any good SEO strategy, and one needs to place them in your landing pages as well.

So, what are the various kinds of keywords to use?

Well, the answer to this is very simple. Instead of just focusing on search volume when doing keyword research for the landing page, it is important to find keywords with certain terms. For example, when searching for specific products or product categories terms such as buy, affordable, discount, review or comparison show that the end user is not just looking for information. So, whenever you are doing keyword research for a landing page SEO, be sure to include keyword phrases that show the intent.

Now the question arises when these keywords are shortlisted, where to place them? The answer to this is Headline, URL, Meta description, Landing Page Content Copy and ads. Using the right keywords will help search engines see what your landing page is all about, and thus draw targeted traffic to your page.

Publish a Custom URL

It is often seen that when we create a page using a content management system, we have the option to publish a subdomain of the service provider.

For example, while building a page you have the option to publish it to your own custom domain (www.mysite.com/yourlandingpage), or keep the “.pagedemo.com” on the end of your URL it for you (mybrand.pagedemo.com). By publishing the landing page to your own domain, the user gets the additional advantage of a small ranking to boost when people search for relevant keywords similar to your page’s keywords.

Length of the Page Should Not Be of Great Concern

We have heard time and again that search engines favour long content over short. It is also seen for most of the part, that landing pages are supposed to be small. Researchers have proven that long content ranks highly in search engines; however, there is no solid evidence to prove that only increasing word count will boost the SERP position. Therefore, do not obsess over creating long content, instead of stress over quality over quantity to see the rewards.

Add Backlinks To Your Page

It is true that getting people to link to your page is still the numero uno way to boost search engine rankings organically. It is because of the combination of great content and targeted outreach, which attracts a large number of influencers in your field. Try checking out blogs to get more people to contact and work your way up towards the page ranking.

Speed Up The Page

Speed of the page is one of the few SEO ranking factors Google has confirmed. To do this in the right way concentrate on the below points:

  • Switch over to a faster web host.
  • Close all plugins or extensions your page is not using.
  • Use smaller files, which do not compromise on quality.

Share Your Content

As is the case with content length, good quality content is the reason that many high-ranking pages have so many social indicators like retweets and Facebook shares. It is because they contain high-quality information. As a result, people who want to share them on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn get so many visitors instantaneously. Leverage your content smartly with social media and then your followers can share it with everyone in their network. This will result in many footfalls for your page.

Add a CTA Button

Sometimes the page will not be enough to convince people to convert, and that is okay. For these people, you can include another CTA(Call To Action) with an offer. Maybe they just need more information, or they would like to see some case studies or testimonials.

And at last, we would like to say that for a page to rank well start with all of these tips – and see the results in your landing page optimization.

As with any online marketing, the above methods may take some time and effort, but they are worthwhile. Make sure that you cover all the above tips to see the desired results in landing pages.
Therefore, once you have tried these methods you will be able to monitor the landing page SEO and the results you were aiming for!

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updated April 5, 2019.

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