7 latest SEO experiments to boost your website traffic

Written by tveshaj
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The year 2019 may very well become an important year for SEO due to several reasons. While there are new trends making rounds in the marketing sphere like voice search, virtual reality and augmented reality, there are some really crucial experiments which can be marked as the stepping stone into the Digital Marketing landscape. Thereby, it becomes really important to take charge before things become daunting.

Before it gets too late to scrutinize the strategies, it also becomes really essential for the SEO marketers to grab a follow up to the new trends and create a strong strategy for 2019. To shine out from the rest of the crowd, we have brought to you some really interesting documents that are changing the SEO landscape and will work wonders for the upcoming year.

We know that it is highly essential to grab some follow up to the new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends to prepare well for the oncoming challenges of SEO in the year 2019. Now without wasting any time let us jump straight to the major experiments that have worked for SEO marketing professionals in the current scenario.

Search Intent and Code Optimization

Gone are the days when it was enough to just throw some keywords within a blog post and expect that it will be showing up in the top ranking of the SERPs. The reason for this major change is that Google has stopped showing results besing on the keywords anymore.

With the major algorithmic change, the results now are based on the intent of the search. Precisely, it can be said that Google wants to pop the exact result user is searching for. In short, it can be considered that creating content for users is paramount and before making that, we need to do a good research on the topic and provide useful information through it. Even if possible we have to make the point in the way users did not know they needed.

This will help in boosting engagement and increase rankings of that website. Moreover speed of the website also does matter as users want to get the instant result without waiting too long.

Video Optimization Rules The Chart

It is true that video content surpasses all other content forms with consumption exceeding more than 75%.

Now this is massive, isn’t it?

This results in a huge spike which advertisers can cash upon and use video as a major marketing tool. With this tool, one can think of various ways in which they can optimize video content to meet the standards of search engines. In other words, video SEO will become one of the most dependable SEO trends in 2019 and you can focus on the given parameters below to make the most of it:

• Channel Name
• Channel Keywords
• Channel Description

Voice Search will Dominate Online Searches

In today’s world, voice search has become of the most dominating trend for online search category. Major SEO experts also keep an eye on it for better results. According to the recent survey, more than 50% of the consumers used voice search in order to find out local business information.

It has also been studied that while more than 20% visit the local business website via voice search and over 70% of smart phone speaker users search for local business within a week, voice search remains the most preferred way of searching. This makes it a highly optimized trend for the year 2019.

Increased Social Media Indexing

The content marketing industry is set to become more elaborate by 2019. This in turn will have a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization as these two go hand-in-hand.

The major SEO trends in 2019 will focus more on creating content that satisfies the intent of a search. While content creators focus on the customer, content creation will be done not just to rank well on search engines, but to provide extra added feature.

Social Media, as a result, will play a huge role in SEO in 2019. Social media channels will keep on increasing their depth to integrate with the search and also find a way in terms of more content being indexed. Google’s ranking, will also form an integral part as users can use these results like search engines themselves.

Optimizing CTR For Better Ranking

If you are focussing on making SEO big in 2019, it is way too important to optimize your website for Google’s search engine algorithm. Your website’s Click-Through-Rate is a significant factor in deciding whether your content is relevant to the user’s search or not. To make it more clear, we can say that if a user does not click on your website link when it shows up on SERPs for a particular keyword, Google thinks that you are not relevant for that keyword. In this scenario, Google will drop your rankings like a stone. And that, will not be a pretty sight! So better focus on good CTR for viable returns.

Mobile First Phenomenon Is Still Dominant

The rise of smartphones has led to a very different and unique form of digital marketing. The smartphone era has paved a way towards the future and is the way to go on when developing any website. The number of mobile users is going to increase in the future and for that reason, Google recommends everyone to create their websites which will be responsive and will also showcase high quality on every device like phones and tablets.

Long Content For Better Rankings

While content is still the major go getter, there are a number of factors, which go the time. One of such factor is quality long form of contents. It is really important to understand what Google’s search engine and users do love and then churn out the content. To be more clear and precise on this point, it can be said factually that long form of contents help producing higher search rankings.

But, here comes a major twist that clarifies that Google does never decides to rank by just counting the number of words. You need produce good quality and readable content for the traffic to boost.

While we really hope that you get a boost in traffic by following these simple points, we also want to tell you that this could be a massive change on the way, of Search Engine Optimizers. So leverage these above mentioned strategies and get the desired results.

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Originally published April 1, 2019 02:00 PM,
updated April 12, 2019.

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