7 surprisingly betters ways to build backlinks quickly

Written by tveshaj
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Alice owns a blog and pushes herself every day to churn out good quality content. She works round the clock to ensure her blog stays ahead of stiff competition. However, when it is result time her efforts seem to go down to the waste, as her blog ranking does not improve nor it makes to the top of the SERP list. This story sounds familiar, isn’t it? It is because the web is full of people and aspiring entrepreneurs who have their sites hosted but not well scaled. The crucial step required to scale up their pages is backlink building. But before we dispel the big myth about the same let us focus on the smaller yet pertinent aspects of the whole scenario.

What is Backlink Building?

Backlink building is defined as the process of earning backlinks on websites. Since the inception of search engine optimization backlinks have been continuously treated as votes for the popularity and importance of any website. We all know that the search engines use complex algorithms to evaluate sites. The pages are then accordingly are ranked in the search engine results. Naturally earning more backlinks improve the relevance, authority, popularity of a website. It also promotes the credibility of the site among users as higher ranked pages grab more attention.

What is the Backlink Building Strategy For 2019?

Unless and until you have already fixed the inevitable quality issues on your website; backlink building is a risky strategy to consider. For instance – creating unnatural backlinks and linking them to your website will result in not attracting social shares in the long run.

In the last year, Google has rolled out a huge bunch of rules and actually took down websites with low-quality backlinks attached to them.

This move clearly suggests that getting backlinks and mentions on sites help you to gain better ranks. For the year 2019, the most legitimate and trustworthy backlink building strategy is content. One can employ this strategy to build backlinks on the website by focusing on various content marketing strategies which channel cent per cent of backlink building activity to the website.

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Blog about Trending Topics

We have already mentioned above that content is the most effective backlink building technique today. Content building is a classic activity for your backlink building exercise. You can create a content/blog around trending topics, which is a good way to earn credible backlinks. Some of the topics today do not have a lot of information available on them in the net. So, if you are able to capture this type of relevant content in a quick time phase, the content/blog will become a major resource for those types of topics. These will help websites to gain a large number of backlinks from different websites for their convenience.

Turn the Content Into Evergreen Topic

It is true that any content can withstand the test of time if it addresses the biggest question your end audience. The topic might be anything but it has to offers a strategic yet practical and tangible answer to the question. Do not simply repeat what has been said earlier about the subject; rather than that find your own voice and express a point of view that offers much detailed insights and fresh perspective. Also no matter what you want to pin down you should clearly know that there are a million articles about everything out there However to make your way to the top and differentiate yourself from the rest you must possess a strong point of view.

Opt for the Skyscraper Technique

It might seem like a very difficult to accomplish but a highly effective and sustainable technique for the backlink building is the Skyscraper Technique. All you have to do is that create really amazing content around a specific issue, and relate to your industry. Then try to map a solution for it through your content. If you are able to churn out the right solution, you will eventually end up earning a lot of authoritative and trustworthy backlinks.

Turn Mentions Into Backlinks

It is indeed a clever and bankable strategy for building banking. All you have to do is turn your mentions into backlinks which will be a simple hack for backlink building for the website. What you need to do is, whenever someone mentions the website or its product offerings, then you can get in touch with them and ask them to turn that mention into a backlink. There are various tools available in the net to find these mentions, so kindly get cash in on this technique right away.

Start Resource Page Backlink Building

This technique called the resource page backlink building is one of the most powerful ways of building quality backlinks to your website/blog. But, first, you should be aware of what is a resource page? A resource page is simply a webpage on the website or blog that has lists of useful backlinks and resources for a particular topic or topics. Resource page backlink building process has simply one technique that is getting your website or blog included on the page as one of the useful resources for their group of loyal visitors.

Broken Backlink Building Strategy

Another strategy for scaling backlinks to your website is by adding broken backlinks to your website. Broken backlinks can be an asset when it comes down to backlink building. It is because there are always broken backlinks present on your website or other websites. All you have to do is find the broken backlinks that your site possess and try to recover them and republish the content. Broken Backlink Building is one of the easiest and effective backlink building strategies as it adds value to someone’s website or blog by notifying them through the broken backlink. Not only that, but you also are offering a good replacement for the dead backlink.

Co-Author For Some Websites

While you can pitch your content ideas to different websites, you can also request them to let you co-author the blog piece with their content creators, obviously mentioning the backlink clause. This works because the other websites will have a great piece of content edited by you and you will get a quality backlink from a dependable website.

Over the past couple of years, more and more people understand the value of backlinks in terms of improving search engine rankings. This is because recent updates on Google have emphasized high quality and unique content for its page. In fact, these updates have prompted the use of backlinks more often which in return boost a site’s ranking.

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Originally published April 4, 2019 12:32 PM,
updated April 4, 2019.

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