7 beginners SEO tools that will blow your mind

Written by tveshaj
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Do you by any means want to drive your website to the top of the search engine rankings in the current scenario? Or you still are searching for various measures to do it correctly and in the right way? Fortunately for you, there is a list of tools available today which can guarantee you the top spot in the page rankings, for your most competitive keywords.

It is a busted fact that promoting a site has become very difficult for both, new and experienced digital marketing professionals as Google, is constantly changing its algorithm from time to time. The market also is slowly seeing a shift as optimization is moving towards void and new rules are taking its place. Today the fact is that only those digital marketing professionals are successful who are familiar with the latest SEO rules and regulations. The question now arises as to what one should you do to promote sites and get in the top league?

We know it is a little bit of tedious work but we can share with you what we think are the very best SEO tools to help you get there. We have searched through various numbers of SEO tools to help you in the best way possible. So without wasting any time let us now find out the best tools for SEO in 2019.

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It is one of the most famous tool picked up by almost every marketer. SEMrush is a marketing tool that picks up your online presence from every angle possible. It targets factors as the search engine algorithms, which include backlinks, content, social media and search engine result page (SERP) rankings. According to some specialists, the biggest selling point of the platform is its ability to look into the SEO of your competitors and notice what they are doing well and where they are getting their wins. It works in a very basic way. All you need to do is add the URL and it will reveal a list of competitors you did not even know you had. It will also reveal your competitors targeting the same keywords as you. You can then choose other keywords those competitors are ranking for and identify niches you might have missed.

Long TailPro

We know that keyword research holds the most valued position when it comes to SEO. But in contrary, it is also a fact that no SEO expert like to research for new keywords. While keyword research forms the backbone of every successful SEO project, it is revealed that it is used by most prospective online customers to find businesses just like yours. As the whole process consumes time it also is very labour-intensive and time-consuming and makes you feel far less competitive and easier to rank for.

Long Tail Pro simplifies this complex process to a huge extent. All you have to do is enter a single keyword and it will generate up to 400 long tail keywords in seconds that meet your preferences. You can then pick up from the list of keywords and use it in your pages.


SEOprofiler is a comprehensive tool for SEO which aids in various search engine practices. These include keyword research, link analysis, link building, web page optimization, ranking checks, SEO audit, website monitoring, web analytics, and much more. The tool offers mobile as well as local SEO for the best results. A comprehensive SEO analysis of backlinks across an unlimited number of projects and many more makes the tool best to use by beginners.


In spite of all the changes that the search engines have undergone over the few years, backlinks remain as one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO. If you have an authoritative range of backlinks from reputable sources, then these can send your website soaring up in the search engine rankings like never before.

Majestic is one such specialist tool that does specialize in backlinks and uses one of the most extensive crawlers to provide unrivalled backlink analysis. This insight is one of the key features of the tool along with its ability to perform an in-depth analysis of the competitors’ backlinks. Majestic identifies every single link that points to that site so you can clearly figure out where the best opportunities lie and then create your own powerful links for the backlinking strategy.


If you are aiming at the more technical side of SEO, then Sitebulb is the best tool for you. It is a tool that streamlines, eases and organizes your workload. The tool also provides a better critical insight into a diverse range of technical SEO issues which are anchor text, content readability, redundant content issues, meta information, header information, and internal and external links. The tool basically takes into consideration, all the on-page fundamentals that must be in perfect alignment for your content to perform well in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

The tool is very seamless presents all of what can be complex information. The easily digestible format of the tool allows one to dig up specifics about how the site is being indexed and identify all the technical issues you might have overlooked.


It is a strong and smart SEO tool for current SEO needs. SERPtimizer covers every SEO task in detail and helps in competitive analysis, website auditing, backlinks monitoring along with keyword research, website performance analysis, and link prospecting.


This particular tool is tailored to treat every user with utmost competence. Topvisor is among the top-rated SEO tools in the market today and is the best when it comes to tracking website and keyword ranking. It also efficiently creates compact links or detect issues with backlinks. This tool delivers instant results and is the way to go for every digital marketer.

With frequent updates from Google and the ever-changing rules and algorithm, 2019 will be a very complex year for all digital marketing professionals across the world. The tools and tricks that we have mentioned above are the best way to optimize sites for top search results and stabilize page ranking on search engines. Therefore, one needs to know and use the latest SEO tricks for Website Optimization and page ranking, to get the most of opportunities every day.

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