How To Write A Blog And Scale Up Its Ranking

Written by tveshaj
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It must have been innumerable times that you must have written a blog but when the results showed up, it would be very disappointing. To see no shares, no views and not even a single link is very depressing especially when you give all of your effort to the blog. We know how you must have felt as you would have commissioned content for your blog but when the time comes is not delivering any direct measurable.

Writing a blog post is not simple. It is not like you are sitting down and churning out 500 words of whatever is on your mind or about what others want to talk about. It requires more effort than that.
Writing a good blog post involves a lot more than knocking out an infringement. It involves some of the major strategies listed below to roll out quality content when needed.

  • Optimal viewing of content on any device.
  • Trustworthy and useful for all.
  • Provides Solutions.
  • Requires an emotional response.
  • Delivers content to audience in a unique or remarkable way.

7 latest SEO experiments to boost your website traffic

  1. Voice Search Transcends Over Normal Search.
  2. It is Time For Technical SEO.
  3. Influencer Marketing.
  4. Mobile Apps For Leveraging SEO.
  5. Optimisation of Image.
  6. High CTR with Good Headline.
  7. Give Rest to Copyright Content

Before we jump into the big conclusion, there are some points that we need to know for scaling up a blog post which you publish. While there are many methods for making a blog post scalable, we have picked up a few handful points for your convenience.

Outsource and Focus on Expertise

When you first start writing a blog, it is all about content creation. As you get a more and better understanding of how SEO is done then you can scale up the ranking in the search engine. For that, you must learn to focus on blog monetization first.

Also, it might be best to start outsourcing different areas of your site. If you have an information-based site that is not really personal to you, it’s a good idea to hire a content writer. This way you can start covering everything from web development, optimization, data entry, content creation, SEO and more. The real benefit of this step is that you can select whatever category most applies to the work you are doing and get it done easily.

Convert Online Content into Video

With everything mentioned in the above point, it is very important for all bloggers, and marketers to try and get the most out of their content. Content creation does take a lot of time but it can bring a lifetime supply of traffic to your site if you are doing it in the right ways, and effectively sharing it on social media.

While text content is effective for SEO and brings in traffic adding online video content in your text work pretty well with converting audiences into real leads and sales.

Know Your Audience Well

While it is important to create quality content but it is also important to know who your audience is.

This is very relevant to your blog article because one needs to know what your audience wants to read and what they think and want to read.

For this step start by defining your personas and know what they are interested in. You can also, more importantly, note down their problems so that you can solve their issues with what you write about.

This is a sure shot way to get someone’s attention and connect with them.

Stop Faking Stories To Get Attention

For a blog to become an authority, it needs to have the expertise and be qualified in the field it operates.

For example, A corporate firm offering recipe ideas is not going to reassure you of their convincing skills. Similarly, a tennis coach when trying to give tax advice will not work. Once you know your expertise, then you can go in to be the depth surrounding that topic and cover every facet with the articles that you churn out.

If you combine the main points with your specialist knowledge, then you can know what your audience wants to read and find your sweet spot.

Research Well In Time

Research forms the basis of the foundation of content getting shared more aptly. Any high-quality article which must be written in a good standard approach as standard.

What we mean is that statements should be backed up by proper evidence and the piece should be well researched and include other information, such as stats, and studies to support the topic.

Offering unreliable information is the fastest way to lose credibility and views.

The best blogs are now doing better research to bring their expertise to what is being published online and offer a high-quality article, to other respected and credible material.

Provide More Information

The web offers huge information resource as the majority of people surfing online want help with something. It is because searches are more focused on answering questions to problems. Content marketing works in the best way by answering questions, helping people and offering solutions. It also works as a brand recall as more a user reads your articles or sees your blog name linked to content, the more they invest in you the more likely to read from you.

Quality is pertinent

We all know that search engine results are usually inclined towards long-form content dominating top 10 search results with an average length of more than 1500 words.

The reason behind this is very simple. The longer posts get more social shares and are more likely to attract backlinks due to the quality and research.

However, just because you have a benchmark of over 1500 words it does not imply that you should write an article that long – unless you have something to say. Before creating the content you must be sure that every word on that page is justified and there is no extra waffling or filling of space to hit a blog target word count. Let each article be as long as it needs to be.

Give Up to Date Information

Do you know what happens to your article once it has been published? Or do you publish it and then forget it forever?

For high-quality content, to do rounds in net all you need is an evergreen content which can be used as a valuable investment. This type of content will surely result in a payback over the long term with sustained search visibility. In addition, the main reason one has to adopt this method is to produce the content for marketing purposes and drive traffic and leads.

One high-quality, with an in-depth evergreen post, has more value than more than 10 thin articles. To reach this mark make sure your content is evergreen, by ensuring that information is kept up to date by reviewing and updating pages periodically.

Blogging is an inbound marketing strategy which truly works wonders for your site. It is a sure shot method which can generate more qualified and acknowledgeable leads through blogging. Recent surveys over blogs reveal that marketers who blog consistently will acquire more than 100% leads than those who do not.

No matter which industry you are in, you can set up a blog and start creating high-quality content. However, the main crucial point lies in scaling up the blog. Various updates in search engine algorithms help to rank well and drive more leads to your business. While it is paramount to need a system that you can implement on a consistent basis, one has to build up your brand, reach your target audience continuously. This step also helps in building up your search engine ranking.

If you are new to the world of blogging and have just launched a blog in the current year, then we must say you are entering the most competitive area in the whole search engine domain in history. Even if guest blogging is not a part of your strategy, then you are severely stunting your growth as a blogger. Times have changed erratically and it is not the beginning of 2000 anymore. With time the search engine strategy has also evolved and it is true that you cannot pop on the number one spot on Google just by coining down 500 words on a page. You need to change your game and strategy for the better.

Well, today writing a blog has so many advantages. The blogs which rank high are rich in high-quality content, the long form of writing and have multiple images to support the text. Only, relevant blogs posts with an excluding on-page SEO, get high quality, relevant backlinks from high domain sites. These techniques when carefully combined with the above-mentioned points surely work in your favour and get optimistic results. So what are you waiting to follow these rules and be ready to see your site get up in the ranking form slowly? Even if this strategy does not show immediate results it will slowly work its way and get you noticed in the landscape of blogging!

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Originally published January 1, 1970 12:00 AM,
updated December 15, 2018.

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