7 latest SEO experiments to boost your website traffic

Written by tveshaj
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Every website owner relies on online traffic to generate valuable leads and revenue, which is a busted fact nowadays. Thereby, SEO makes one of the most important parameters and is certainly the backbone of brands when it comes to online presence. For ranking higher on SERP, it takes a commendable amount of effort and time, but the challenge gets more engaging with trends that change in a flash. Google is a very anamorphous search engine, which is popular for rolling out changes in its search often. We all probably know too well that SEO mistakes—even the smallest ones—can not be a laughing matter. They can become very costly.

The only way to ensure that you are not making the right choice without any mistakes is to stay updated with the latest Google trends. We know it gets a tad bit difficult to get to know all the laws of SEO, therefore, have coined some of the unseen laws of SEO for your convenience.
To get you started, here are 7 simple but common laws that you might be overlooking.

7 latest SEO experiments to boost your website traffic

  1. Voice Search Transcends Over Normal Search.
  2. It is Time For Technical SEO.
  3. Influencer Marketing.
  4. Mobile Apps For Leveraging SEO.
  5. Optimisation of Image.
  6. High CTR with Good Headline.
  7. Give Rest to Copyright Content

Voice Search Transcends Over Normal Search

We all know that voice search is becoming more and more popular at a faster rate nowadays. The more mobile and internet grows, the further we are drifting from the good old typing. While the goal is to teach computers how to understand our speech, we all forget that it is also, where our future lays. This is one of the paths which leads it is voice search SEO. Recent research suggests that 50% of all searches in the future will be done by voice searches, which bring us to; the major point i.e. internet users with vernacular languages will be on the upsurge. More than 70% of people today prefer surfing local language content. Video too has a similar story as it is responsible for more than 50% of total mobile traffic around the world.

The entire digital ecosystem is changing and there is more focus on the 3 pillars of the digital medium: video, voice, and vernacular which will be taking centre stage in the upcoming years.

It is Time For Technical SEO

Gone are the days when websites used to be very simple. With the passage of time and the growing demand for UX and UI websites are becoming more and more complex. This is why the wiser thing to do is to invest in technical SEO. For example, if you think that your website’s speed must speak for your business and your activeness, then a slow loading website will bring those dreams to a screeching halt. Websites, which load slowly, can throw you out of the first few pages of the search engine and it will be as if you never existed in the first place. The experience of users on a website today is perhaps, the most important thing to ponder on and because of this, business owners should focus on the performance of their sites to guarantee good user experience.

Influencer Marketing

It is true that when you have someone important or popular marketing for you or your company, it grabs the attention of people instantly. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition as there is new business emerging every day and one will always want people to know your existence by marketing your products smartly. Although there are many strategies and techniques, which companies adopt for this purpose the one that is trending now is getting an influencer onboard in your marketing campaign. To do that, you will need to contact an influencer, and luckily for you, there are plenty of them on social media. Just connect with them and let them advertise your brand through their social media page. This will let people know what work you are involved in and will give you a better bandwidth to reach a number of people.

Mobile Apps For Leveraging SEO

Mobile apps today offer a range of features and focus on giving impetus to business objectives among the target customers. This year onwards there will be a slight alteration in Google ranking factors in terms of the element of importance and popularity. The prime focus will be on apps, which are developed to gather users from social media and through online forums. In other words, business apps, which are finely tuned with business ads will be given more importance than those without this value-added feature, as apps are the best way to generate easy lead generation and sales.

Optimisation of Image

Searches today are largely indented towards images, forcing SEO professionals to derive immense fortunes from this perspective. Further, as Google also effectively integrates machine learning to uncover images. The SEO strategy today requires pixel-perfect, real-time images which imbibe relevance regarding their texture.

High CTR with Good Headline

Another common mistake, which people oversee, is not ensuring your headline to stand out among dozens of others on the Search page. For example, let us say you’ are targeting a keyword like “best presentation software.”The result shows several headlines with the same exact structure and wording. Now imagine the end users situation. The person searching for this type of information will certainly get confused. Therefore, the best way to rank high is by making the title of your page extremely catchy so people would not think twice before clicking on it.

Give Rest To Copyrighted Content

To ensure better credibility of your page it is also important to sail along with the tide of originality. It means the webpage owner should restrict and abstain the use of videos and multimedia that are copyrighted or are owned by others. For best results, make use of proficient graphics and stockpiling images with the company name and logo.

We all know a fact for sure is that the world of the internet is constantly changing for good and so is the SEO world. With cyber-security becoming a big deal, users want to take control of their private information that they provide to sites. While the simple goal is to make the use of data safer, there are still plenty of vulnerabilities, which, can be exploited by third parties. This year onwards data protection will be more secure and online experience more enjoyable. Although these changes are taking place gradually the SEO world is also laying out rules which should not be avoided. As technologies get more exciting one thing is clear for sure that SEO and its rules will also change for the betterment of users surfing and uploading information on the web.

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Originally published April 16, 2019 10:00 AM,
updated April 10, 2019.

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