Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet

Written by tveshaj
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Every person who has crossed his/her path with SEO has heard the phrase “Rich snippets”.

As I was, I know a lot of you really, really interested to know more about them. And, also answer some basic questions. Like, what are rich snippets? Are they really important as digital marketers say? Is it something that everyone can use? Is rich snippet related to SEO?

All these questions will be covered in this blog and let’s learn more about rich snippets!

So, to begin with, let’s answer the first question that pops in your mind.

What is Rich Snippet?

If you look at it, it is a pretty simple answer. Rich snippets are those special search results which look different than your typical search results. This is because they contain some additional information other than the title and meta description (the text snippet). This additional information can be some visuals or ratings or feedbacks etc.

Technically speaking, Google no longer refers to these search results as rich snippets. Now, Google terms these are enriched search results, rich results and enhancements. Of course, these all are the feathers to the same cap Google refers as “Search features”.

But, if you ask around the SEO community, it’s still Rich snippets and let’s just stick to it.

Here are some of the examples of rich snippets that you have often seen, wondered or overlooked!

Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 1
Image source: Google

In this image, you can there are ratings of the movie and some information about it. This increases clickability.

The extra information you see here is what makes a typical result a rich snippet and also increases the probability of getting clicked. Not just that, it reflects added security (on some levels) which makes the users trust this search result.

You can’t directly insist on the search engines make rich snippets of your pages. What you can do is provide all the necessary information to prompt the search engines to do so, if they (Search engines) trust your site.

Generally, this herculean task is done using schema.org, a markup vocabulary. So, in a nutshell, if the search engines trust your site and you do your schema markup accurately, you have a better shot at earning those rich snippets.

Coming to the next important question- What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup happens to be a code which you add to your site to feed the content-hungry search engines about the information about the content on a particular page. This code provides information about the entities on the page, relationships between them and the actions related to these entities.

Often, people think that schema markup provides only one benefit- Rich Snippets. And others confuse that schema markup and rich snippet happen to be the same thing. If you look into it, Schema doesn’t help in improving rankings. But, Google takes the utmost advantage of this information to understand your site & its page better so that it can return to more relevant searches using its directory.

This very reason is why you should consider schema markup as a part of your SEO efforts. You may or may not earn a rich snippet, but you can be returned to a relevant search result and this matters a lot.

One thing you need to pin in your mind that Google’s guidelines on structured data are based on Schema.org, they explicitly refer you to follow the guidelines in their guide over guidelines mentioned on schema.org.

  • Meta Keywords- these keywords are no longer used by any major search engine for decades now.
  • Authorship- Google introduced a meta tag called rel=” author” which is recommended. But it is also no longer in use.
  • FOAF- The “Friend of a Friend” machine-intelligible cosmology was an ancestor to schema.org that never got on.
  • OpenCyc- Another fizzled antecedent of schema.org
  • Microformats.com- Microformats are a method for adding structured data to a site utilizing classes like Hentry that are as yet found in numerous WordPress themes and in different CMSs.

Since Google expressly suggests utilizing Schema.org for structured data, be that as it may, microformats markup ought to be considered belittled for SEO.

Google authoritatively acknowledges three unique organizations for schema markup: microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD. JSON-LD is the one they suggest utilizing if at all useable and appreciated.

As we referenced above, Google offers a few distinct kinds of rich snippets and isn’t restricted to snippets with star evaluations. Probably the most significant ones pursue. Note that while at times, Google is equipped for conveying these kinds of results without schema markup, the right markup should be incorporated to augment your odds.

Types of Snippets


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 2
Image source: Google

Here, as you can see, this rich snippet provides information about the publisher, the headline and the time at which the article was published.


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 3
Image source: Google

In this snippet, you can see the product rating, pricing, some specifications and other information that draws your attention instantly.


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 4
Image source: Google

Recipes sometimes show long featured snippets at top results. At times, the snippets show the rating, cooking time and calories.


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 5
Image source: Google

Courses comprise of lectures, lessons and modules. These information are necessary for the students to analyse and ponder on which course to take. This card has provided information about the course provider and summary as well.


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 6
Image source: Google

These type of snippets show the event name, date, time and location of the event.

Job Posting

Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 7
Image source: Google

As you can see here, this rich snippet shows different job listed along with which platform they are listed on, location of the job, some other details and month of posting the job.

Local Business

Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 8
Image source: Google

Google here has collected information matching the query, customer rating, location, opening and closing time of the venue.


Rich Snippet and 9 types of rich snippet 9
Image source: Google

This here is a featured carousel of the books by a particular author. This snippet carousel has the name of the book and the year of publication.


Video Rich Snippet

As you can see in this snippet, the video maker’s name, headline, thumbnail and date of publishing the video are mentioned.

The Bottom Line…

Rich Snippets are an amazing asset that you can practically use as a component of your SEO and web-based marketing strategy. In spite of the fact that they won’t really assist you with rankings much, they can positively help with numerous different things including getting more traffic to your website by improving the navigate rates.

In the event that you ever compose any sort of audit on your site, at that point you ought to do what you can to use Rich Snippets with the goal that you can help the exertion you put into that survey as of now.

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Originally published May 1, 2019 11:00 AM,
updated May 1, 2019.

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